These Top 5 YouTube Mom Sensation Channels will have you Laughing your Buns off or Crying your eyes out. Either way, you will relate as a Mom
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As a Full time stay at home Mom I end up with what I like to call “Zombie Mombie Time.” This is a time you’re given to usually sit and zone the hell out on some funny ass videos. Because you know what? I do not care what anyone thinks about the fact that I Love watching Funny Mom videos. They bring laughter to my day and sometimes they even make me feel not so crazy. When you can find a Mom Youtuber that you can really find common ground with, you stick with her and watch her videos. Supporting her journey and laughing along with her.

Now I have a fair selection of YouTube Moms that I favor. Around 20 channels and different moms. But these 5 I am sharing with you are the channels I frequent the most. Mostly because they are funny as shit, keep it real, and they do not give a rats rear what you think or anyone else thinks. Which, I really like! My type of gals!



These two Moms are The Top of my list! I adore who they are, the message they are shooting for, what they want to build and their personalities are absolutely Star bright. So Funny. Their MOM TRUTHS are seriously Hilarious and if they do not make you laugh your ass off…

You are not from here. I’m convinced.

Here is the link to their Channel on YouTube. Below is a Recent Video they made that I just had to share. I am also going to share a link HERE for their Cat and Nat Facebook account.


Kristina Kuzmic is someone I normally watch every single day. Something about her personality and the way she speaks is so comforting yet brutally honest. She has a way of delivering hard truths in a kind way. She has a sense of ease but also firmness. A Unicorn Mom is what she is to me. Rare, beautiful and she works some serious magic in what she does.

Check her YouTube channel out Here. Im going to share with you one of my favorite videos of hers. I watch this at least once a month, so should you. If your feeling defeated as a mom today, this Video will hopefully cheer you up. ❤


Here you are gonna find yourself dying with laughter. Juggling the Jenkins is a Fast growing channel. She has facial expressions that will have you rolling, stories that will have you crying from laughter but yet she will sneak right in with some sappy stuff. Touching your heart and tugging at your feelings. Jenkins channel is absolutely worth placing on your subscribe list and videos you watch on a daily.

The link you need for her Channel is here and I am gonna actually share a couple videos from Jenkins. ❤ One Funny and one more that offers heartfelt emotion. Choose at your own risk.

Above you will find a Video that will show you what serious jokes and laughter is about with your best friend. Or maybe, all your friends?…

The below video is a real, raw and straight forward video that is gonna have you feeling all sorts of things inside. Go with it. ♥


If you love that feeling of a good Southern Hug. You are gonna Love Melissa Radke! I swear this woman right here can make you feel her warm hug all the way from wherever the heck she is. I just know she makes me smile, feel good when im down, and she can help me feel revived with my faith on any given day when I need that pick me up. Melissa is also a woman of faith. So if that is also your thing, that is just another reason to watch her!

Here is her YouTube channel and I am going to of course share one of my favorites that I came across after I discovered her. Which I also found her on Facebook and you can find that Here.  She is so loving yet she carries true sass, which delivers all the laughter you need.


Tanya, Tanya, Tanya. Oh my Gosh you guys will be rolling for sure when you watch any of her videos. She is always doing imitations and it is hilarious. Absolutely worth clicking on and viewing her ENTIRE channel. If you have the time that is. Normally Tanya is my Bathtub entertainment. I have absolutely no idea why that is relevant, probably is not. But, this is my blog post and it is about my thoughts on the channels I watch. Ha Ha. So yeah, I’ll admit she is my entertainment when I take soak. ( Laughing )

Here is her YouTube channel and below is my all time favorite video of hers. Tanya has almost 60K subscribers. Join the wagon of fun and subscribe to her channel today!



Okay everyone, now that I have shared with you my Top 5 favorite Youtube Channels off of my personal list of favorites. In the comment section below please let Us know what you liked about them, if you liked them or if you chose to subscribe. Thanks for reading and I hope you “Liked.”