My Top 6 Boards Straight from Pinterest For General and Fun Gardening. Kid Friendly!

When I think of gardening I think of Crisp greens, colorful fruits and vegetables, moist soil and the smell of herbs. I also think about the bright sunshine and how it sparkles off of the water droplets on the leaves.

Gardening to me personally is such a beautiful art. The different mesh of foods, flowers, and herbs. How they mix together and create a magical area of nutrition and beauty all in one space. I mean is it just me?

Definitely far from any Master in gardening but, I do love the task of digging in the dirt and watching the progression of growth with consistent work put in place. Its the neatest to have the ability to grow food and also grow herbs to create spices. All around it is something I know many admire wanting to learn or start. Perhaps even just have a area for your toddler so you can teach them how to grow and garden.

Well, I am at the stage where I am really preparing myself personally on the basics of general gardening with my toddler. She will be 2 years old and I really felt I should educate myself further and look into some options for simple ideas to start with. So I dug into Pinterest and found some Amazing boards I follow now. I really wanted to share the ones I favored the most and the boards I know I will be using and referring to as I learn more about Gardening with my daughter and Myself.


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My New and First Succulent! 

My Top 6 Boards 


Number One:

w i n d f i l l


Top Inspired  is a Highly ranked and viewed Pinterest account. Coming in at over 10 million views a month. They also have some exceptional leads on how to start all types of Vegetable and Fruit Gardens. Here is the link to the the Vegetable Gardening Board, which I personally follow and will be applying lots of these ideas once I start my Garden.

Number Two:

As all experienced gardeners will know, growing herbs look so simple but in reality it’s not so easy. They can become very difficult to maintain and flourish. In this article, Rachel de Thame, the gardener and television presenter, shares her wisdom on how to grow better herbs.


Joyce at Blissedhub has a fantastic array of choices that will help you with many different herbs and gardening tips to keep them flourishing and growing properly. Here you can find her Herbal Board that I follow. Herbs are also a great way to start the little’s one with gardening. You can do it any time of the year indoor and they don’t take up much space!


When it comes to flowers and gardening, the choice you have is big. You can choose between many types of flowers, all beautiful in their own way. They all require different conditions in order to grow…MoreMore  #flowergardening


Gardening Channel has an absolutely amazing account for many types of gardening. But I personally favor their Floral board. The selection on their board offers the specifics for each Basic flower. You know, the ones that we normally think of right off the bat. I found it really helpful and simple.


Want to grow berries? But what to do if you don't have space to plant them? Growing berries in containers is the answer!


Bless my Weeds is such a fun account! I adore her style and taste. The amount of options she has is amazing and they are all very well organized boards. She is a Gardening account only. Which I also love! This is her Fruit Garden Board which I follow and of course will be using her tips and tricks she shared.


Succulents dying? Find out why they are in this post about succulent problems! Whether it’s too much water, not enough water or something else, this post will help you figure it out! #whyaremysucculentsdying #succulentsdying #succulentproblems #succulents #succulentlove #succulentplants #succulentgarden #diysucculentprojects #howtosavemysucculent #wateringsucculents #succulentsoil #succulentplanters #indoorsucculents #outdoorsucculents #succulentandcactus #succulentweddingbouquets #succulentdiy


Succulents and Sunshine is one of the most well maintained and organized account I have ever viewed. She is very clean with everything she applies on her boards. I personally just am getting started with succulents and I am so excited about it!

( My first succulent photo I shared above )

This account is going to be very helpful for me and answering many beginner questions at a easy access. You can find her Board that I follow Here, all about Succulent care and growth.


A-frame garden support - this would be easy to make!


Jane Wu has a great Board for her pins creating the Garden space Ideas. I am really excited to implement some of these awesome ideas for when we build our space. Almost every idea was kid friendly in a way they can help and build. Which I found is going to be so awesome when our daughter is at the age to help. Here is the link to here Board I follow!

PLANT LIVES MATTER - humorous garden marker spoon - vegetarian - funny quote…

So there you have the 6 Gardening boards that I follow and will be using! Each board I shared I felt like collectively can create a beautiful space. Vegetable, Fruits, Herbs, Succulents, and Flowers. The combination cannot be denied when all put together and placed properly to create a space of color and freshness. Not all spaces need to be fancy, expensive or complicated. The kids can be apart of every item planted and can help build any of the spaces! A very exciting time to be teaching such an educational and valuable skill to our children. Even ourselves!

I hope you found some of these boards as helpful as I did. Please leave any comments on what you’ve found helpful or even tried personally.

Thanks for Reading! 





My Favorite Top 10 Pinterest Pin Inspired Gifts For Sassy Moms and Kid friendly, Fun Original Ideas!

With Mothers Day right around the corner, I really felt like this would be helpful for anyone who is Mothers Day gift hunting. These are not just ordinary I love you gifts either. These gifts are meant for that Sassy Mom who carries around a punch everywhere she goes. The mom that isn’t afraid to give you the finger or tell you some judgey Mom to shove it. But, I also wanted to be realistic and add SOME original ideas and DIY gifts. I mean it’s only sensible, right?! Ha Ha

So here is to you looking for those rad gifts for some Super Sassy Mamas. I know it can be tough sometimes picking out gifts and figuring out if you’re going to be creative or just be simple and go purchase a neat and thoughtful gift from Walmart. I get it, times are tight and time is tight.

So here is some really neat idea for gifts not only you can click and buy some of these right from the links. But with some creativity and a little carved out time, you could most likely manage to make some of these gifts! I believe in you either way and I know this year you will pick something just right.

My Personal favorite Choices for Sassy Mom Gifts

Number One:

Literally Don't Care Mug - Urban Outfitters. I need this. Because I literally don't care at all.

I had to go and Share the Classic Mug gift. I know it is the Original gift I was steering away from. But this quote and the pink just spoke to me. You can find this adorable Mug at Urban Outfitters! Here is the Link to get it today! I would not be surprised if they offered even more awesome mugs that would be perfect for the Sassy Mom.

Number Two:

Sassy socks for mom! #momstheboss #momlife #bossmom Get It Yourself Socks

Socks! I don’t know about you but I believe in cute socks. Nonetheless, my socks hardly ever match, I must say I want these! Simple, they look soft and what a perfect saying for those outspoken Sass pants Mamas. Click Here to order yours today! I am not sure who the gal is that sells the product but, it comes from Avon! Love! Plus I promise when you do check them out the price is gonna knock your socks right off! HaHa

Number Three:

Domestic Gangsta T-shirt, Mom Shirt, Gift for Mom, Mom Boss, Mother Hustler, Mother's Day Gift, Funny Shirts, Funny Shirt 22.99

This shirt tho! Oh my gosh. the color is so adorable and perfect match for the Spring weather. I love how it throws in the Domestic and the Gangsta. Made me laugh because in a sense to me they totally are contradicting. This girls style of her creations are awesome and her shop is worth checking out! Click here to see more of her stuff or to just order this adorable shirt today!

Number Four:

DIY Spa Gift Idea | Creative DIY Mother's Day Gifts Ideas | Thoughtful Homemade Gifts for Mom. Handmade Ideas from Daughter, Son, Kids, Teens | Unique, Easy, Cheap Do It Yourself Crafts To Make for Mothers Day, complete with tutorials and instructions

Oh man, this is such a neat presentation for a little bathroom gift treat! There is no Link to this Photo. I wanted to simply share what shared here in her photo. I am pretty sure this basket can easily be put together for $20-30. Depending on the place you find the items and how high of quality you want each item to be when you go shopping and piece this together. How fun and a great way to express a lot of thoughtfulness!

Number Five:

Family members love receiving handmade gifts that kids can make. This DIY marbled clay jewelry dish keepsake craft makes a unique homemade gift idea for Christmas, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. A ring bowl and jewelry dish for both men and women. Learn how to make your own using the easy to follow tutorial!

I wanted to be sure I added a fairly easy and very kid friendly gift idea. This is made of Clay! Her instructions are well put and easy to follow. I love how colorful and spring the dish looks! You might even be able to change the colors and make it more fit for the Mom receiving the gift! Here is her Website to follow up with instruction and details. This will involve some additional items you may not have in the house. So be sure to read her list of things you’ll need!

Number Six:

Framed Scrabble Letters | Creative DIY Mother's Day Gifts Ideas | Thoughtful Homemade Gifts for Mom. Handmade Ideas from Daughter, Son, Kids, Teens | Unique, Easy, Cheap Do It Yourself Crafts To Make for Mothers Day, complete with tutorials and instructions

How neat is this?! I love that you just go grab a shadow box, a scrabble game and maybe some little touches to decorate it. Wa-la! You now have the items you need to create this adorable and very meaningful gift! This is kid friendly but yet completely appropriate for anyone to gift this to a mom! Which is why I actually really love it! You don’t even have to paint the letters pink if you don’t want. But it sure adds a nice splash of color!

Number Seven:

A wine-apple gift for a punny holiday.

Um, what!? This is seriously so cool! I love this Idea so much that I am going to even make it! This is so perfect to gift to a fellow mom friend. It does not even have to be wine, it can be champagne, apple cider, sparkling water in those glass bottles or simply go ahead and gift that tasty red or white wine. The chocolates are personally my favorite which could potentially be why I clicked the picture in the first place. Either way Here is the link for the instructions on how to make this adorable Pineapple gift for the beverage Loving Mom!

Number Eight:

Grandma Mother's Day Gift

Alright, this is just too cute to not share. I know this is a popular one that a lot have gifted before but, I thought it was a great reminder for those of us who have meant to make such a simple yet thoughtful gift for someone. Here is your reminder and don’t forget the hand print from the little one(s)!

Pretty sure I will also be making this gift or perhaps I am saying it yet again… HaHa

Number Nine:


I could not help it. I know I am sharing so many DIY gifts but, are they not just adorable and fun!? I mean this one can not cost more than like $10 to make! Some stickers for the glass, a small shadow box and some buttons which I know you can score a nice bag at the dollar store. Just such a fun craft for kids to make their Mom a special and lasting gift!

Number Ten:

10 Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Cook for her! Food is the best way to treat anyone in my personal opinion. This list is so delicious and will have anyone’s mouthwatering! Spending quality time with any Mom is the best way to gift. I believe that memories are the one thing we can keep and hold onto forever in this life. So if you are looking to give something additional this year. On top of the made or purchased a gift, go with cooking something colorful and tasty and do it together. I promise you the time will always be well spent and worth it!

Well there you have it, everyone, this is my Top 10 Ideas Inspired by Pinterest. I hope these have shed some insight on tips or ideas for you this year as you gift the Moms you love and know.

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Gifting!


My 8 Steps to Planning A Toddler Birthday successfully on a Budget
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As we know planning a birthday party for your little one can be stressful, let alone spendy nowadays. I won’t even be modest, we spent $500 on the 1st Birthday. Can you believe that?! I mean, it was the first Birthday and we will never do it again. But, it was a lot of dough for a 2-hour celebration. I also had no idea what I was doing or how to cut corners to save a buck properly and still have style. I would search around and everything was just all over the place. So many times I had wished everything was in one place. The list of the Basics to throw the party, some ideas, and budget-friendly options. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

So here I am just shy of 6 months out of planning my daughters 2nd Birthday. Holy moly I can not believe that. Well personally, we decided on Rainbow colors with splashes of Unicorns. Instead of it being Unicorn everything with splashes of a rainbow. You see we came to realize it is going to be way more expensive to buy everything Unicorn rather than buy a bunch of colors of stuff creating a rainbow effect. We will buy small things to add the Unicorn touch and feel of the party. Also, it doesn’t overbear the party with a million unicorn items. (Even though Unicorns are fricking amazing)

Well, I wanted to put together my personal task list of what I do when I plan a party for my daughter. I am not claiming this will solve every problem you will have, or answer all your solutions to what you’re looking for. But, I can tell you that this is a good place to start.

I am going to offer Images for visual thoughts, links that lead you to websites which will offer items referred to in the images. I will also attach Budget-friendly options with some DIY and home crafting to help save some money, add your personal touch to the party if that is what you like. However, for those moms that just would really like a party in a box, I got you covered. I will share information that will allow you be at a click of a button to save.

My Personal Task List for Planning a Budget friendly Toddler Party
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Pick a Date

I know this seems like an obvious to do. However, it is the most important thing to have the date set in advance. I mean sometimes you gotta have the birthday the weekend before or the weekend after. Sometimes, their birthdays fall in the middle of the week, and they throw a tantrum because they want to have their birthday on their actual birthday. You know what I am talking about because I have seen it with my own two viewers. Personally, I have not run into this issue with picking a day. This year it falls on a Sunday, thank you, Jesus. So we are having it on a Saturday because that works better for everyone. So, Pick a date!



Event Location

In my experience, I have a daughter that has a September Birthday. Which allows us to have outside celebrations because it is right at the end of our summer season. So, we don’t need to concern ourselves (as of now) with booking a location or space. But for those of you that will need to book a space or maybe a Bounce house if it is in your location. Here is just a local business that offers that. If you are looking for something like a bounce house for your backyard celebrations. Here is a quick Google search engine to find it! (Search Bounce House)
Google Search Image

You will find a neat link Here that offers a way to just find the bounce house for your toddler party. All you need to do is put in your zip code and it will let you know if they serve the area or have locations to offer! That simple. Also for those of you who like Park parties, which I am a huge fan of. I would just suggest getting to the spot you want, EARLY. Set up and hang out!

If you have a cold season birthday, don’t worry. I will be talking about all sorts of indoor options for celebrating and finding cost savings while doing it in style.



Creating the Invite List

First, to admit, this is the one part I do not personally enjoy. Sometimes you actually have to Not invite people. How mean is that? Ha Ha. But this is me being real, even tho I am trying to share some serious tips. I am allowed to still be my sassy self, yeah?

Google Search Image

So when making your invite list, be sure you put all things into consideration. Here is my list of where my brain can go.

My List:

  1. How many are staying the night?
  2. Is anyone even staying?
  3. Is anyone sick? (My number 1 ha ha)
  4. Are you the carpool home the next day?
  5. Is is a ACTUAL meal being served at the party or just finger foods?
  6. Boys and girls?
  7. Boys and girls staying?
  8. Do I have enough Wine?
  9. Is my closet clean for my getaway???? ( Just kidding…)

I mean do you see? There are some real serious questions to put into place before you go inviting all sorts of people to your home. Plus, if your child is super popular with the other children. You are gonna have a wild night ahead of you. Feeling my Sarcasm?
Google Search Image Invite

Make Invitations

Please for the love of Jesus make some Invites. I know that social media is the free option and I completely understand that. But here you find options to some very fair prices in ordering and custom making your toddlers birthdays invites. Keepsakes are so special in the long run. For those of you that are in a bind and really just need some budget friendly ways to DIY. Here and Here are two ways to inexpensively create your own beautiful and thoughtful cards. I also found Free printable options Here!

Tip– Go buy the Stamps the day you order the Invites. Have them set aside and ready for when they arrive.

If you can: Order a stamp that offers you your mailing address made on it. It will save your hand from writing more than you need to!


This is when I started getting confused and totally scatter brained because I had no idea which way to go. I mean do I focus on color, a cartoon type theme, or should I throw them together and make my job WAY tougher? Of course I choose to do both and make my life harder. But I mean that is what we do for our kiddos, right? I mean at least the first one. (Giggling) So here are my thoughts and tips on how, now that I did go thru it.

Do both! I am going to share with you ways to be able to do both, save money, have it look stylish, and eat good! I mean, that is a win when I look at it. Some of your own personal creativity will be needed. Only you know your little one best.

If you had to just do colors, it might look sorta boring and not as personal to that person. Not that I am against it or think it cant look good. because it totally can! But obviously throwing in some characters in the party really adds that splash of personal touch knowing what the little one likes. it also allows the birthday star to enjoy having their favorite character around for the party. So be sure you narrow down the character your little one is dying over currently and Here and Here are two link options. The first one you will find it is a little less custom as the second option allows you to go more in-depth with options. (Second link is literally Birthday in a box, just more options.) Which I seriously find amazing and simple and budget friendly!
These are the types of prices I am talking about! Even if Emojis is not the style of choice its the price that blows me away for such stylish and hip characters.
Google Search Image DIY

DIY Time If your Making Decor

I know that a lot of time you can get the small things and decor done in a short period of time. However, life happens and hiccups can cause a delay in anything. So as soon as you have the supplies you need, I suggest sitting down and getting crafty until you are finished. Get the crafts done way ahead of time if possible, I am telling you that you’ll feel a million times better knowing its all done and ready. This is a massive reason why I mentioned Number 1. ( Picking a date and being prepared)

I am really big on being as prepared as I can be on a day today. I also show myself, Grace, a lot because I forget also. Another reason I am always taking notes.

I want to share with you some Link for some Ideas and Instructions on how to make some fun and general Decorations which will be budget friendly. Now if I share a link that is a boy option for decorating, just change the colors to girl colors if that is an option with the links idea.

  • Here is a fun link for those little ones that Love Mermaids!
  • A really Fun way to create Activity and Decor at the same time.
  • The Ballerina Daughter? Here is a link for some fun decor on that budget!
  • Disney Mickey party under $200!! That is a great price for “Disney”



Activities to keep Them busy and you Sane

Toddlers use a lot of energy. Their own energy and still manage to suck up the rest of everyone else. Wait… Did I just solve how they continuously keep energy flow?! Because I mean once I run out I notice they get crazy. Wow, I am gonna think on that one more. Ha Ha!

So this is also one of my favorites because its the actual fun part of the party. So I am going to share with you just 4 ideas for some activities that can consume some time for the kids. Now they may still involve some parents and also some cleanup. But I mean, how can we get away with doing neither with a toddler? Yeah, you can’t.

My Four favorites I have discovered
Google Search Image

Food Options and Ideas

I am a big believer in feeding! But I know that finger foods are best for toddler parties. So last year I did bite size hot dogs in crescent rolls and baked them, homemade Mac and cheese in the slow cooker for 3 hours, pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate, rice Krispies drizzled with chocolate, fruit on sticks and of course we had homemade and decorated cupcakes. My mom made her Smash cake, which she did not eat. I am telling you all of this because it was a ridiculous amount of options and I should have kept it real simple. It turned out beautifully and I am so glad I did it but, it was way more work than needed.

Now I think Finger foods are the way to go! Plus maybe one item of substance. So I will share the list I think is basic and probably would be fitting for any child’s birthday.

  1. Cake or Cupcakes- Having both was completely not needed and I ended up giving a lot of food away.
  2. One item that is substantial. If you have a summer birthday, maybe do some cold sub sandwich. Just get one big one and cut it up! Easy.
  3. Only 2 sweet items and keep them as simple as possible. I will share a couple ideas below.

That’s it! Those 3 listed options, don’t make it complicated for yourself. Unless you want to.

Here are some Pinterest inspired ideas I came across that I really like and could be simple and affordable.

You could do these with any colors of your choice. One bag of chocolate to melt, some cheap food coloring, and a bag of pretzels. Simple, colorful, and tasty for anyone! ( Be gluten conscious for those that may be intolerant.)




Apples with Frosting! I mean you can not find more amazing kid balance than that for a celebration. They are getting the fruit nutrition along with the sugar for celebrating. Win!



This one is always a classic favorite. Very cost friendly, tasty, and very colorful! What kid does not absolutely love Fruity Pebbles?!
Google Search Image Party

Party Time!

Its the day of Celebration! Hopefully, you listened and you chose to get 75% of everything done ahead of time. If you didn’t I am sure you are stressed and wishing you did. Don’t worry, Next year will come quicker than you know. Be ready!

For those of you that did the preparing and organizing, enjoy sleeping in today. Because you did all that and allowed yourself time. You can sleep in, rest assure you have it all set up and ready to start decorating and cooking what is needed. If you are looking for some recipe ideas for warm item foods. Here is a link that will take you to some basic ideas.

Go get that oven going, get cleaned up and ready to head to decoration land! About time to do the actual Party Set up!

We use tables and chairs and have seating for everyone for outside for our daughters birthdays. So if you’re doing an outside celebration, be sure you get all the seating set up!

Tip- Have strong tape on hand to potentially need to tape anything down due to the possible wind! ( Consider all things! )

Have an amazing Celebration!!!


I hope you found help and some guidance here today. Please share your successes thru this article below in the comments. Thanks for reading!

“Visual” Baby Food Ideas from Pinterest. For your Child up to 12 Months Old
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Pictures and more Pictures. I know that when I see an appealing photo with bright colors or an organized list of options really tugs me in. I enjoy reading things that are easy to the eye, friendly to the in a nutshell theory and visual stimulation. Over time being a mom I have come to the terms that my child will absolutely not like everything I put in front of her. Even if its easy to the eye, simple for her to figure out and stimulating to her mouth for flavor. I have run into so many trials in error with food and what my daughter would eat over the time span. I mean I was learning too!

So I thought why not share what I have come across over my time span as a mom. Here I am going to share some visual pictures and also some links here and there for you to click on to take you on a simple but fun adventure for Baby foods. I am going to do my best to just showcase things that came easily to me personally and some things that I know worked for fellow moms.

The Visual Sheets and Lists!
Enjoyed the box separation

I love that it starts @ 4 months. My daughter started at 4 Months as well. I know a lot of people wait until 6 months and it is recommended. Talk to your pediatrician always before trying something new and your unsure.

Pinterest Image
So many times I struggled with this! Seems so silly, i know. But we are not all good with food! Or at least prepared to figure it all out. This little list was a visual help for me. I hope it can help you too!
Oh, this is so well Organized! So incredibly appealing to me personally.

Here is an additional space I wanted to place some Quick Links for your convenience of searching more ideas!


I hope you found some of these charts helpful! If there was anything specific that you found useful personally, please be sure to leave a comment here about your experience! 

10 Different Top Pinterest Boards that offer you Amazing Ideas and Content
Google Search Image Top 10

In this day in age, we are all looking for the fastest way to find the best content. We are looking for things at the click of a button, a swipe of a finger or simply just a quick sentence that explains everything in a nutshell. I get it because I am apart of the society to.

I also know that nowadays, Pinterest is a massive platform for a large number of the world. We are all always looking for the new design, color template, or even the simplest thing as a free printable for organizing your everyday tasks.

Which is why I wanted to create a simple, fast and efficient selection here. I am going to share some of my favorite boards and pin topics. I will also be sure to share some of the popular and fun boards that most people are searching day in and day out on Pinterest.

10 Top Boards of My Choice


From my research on this board, I can find anything! We are talking over 4K pins just here on this board. She has supplied an array of choices. The thing I love most about her board and how well she has put it together is she was thoughtful and critic about her choices here. She thought them out and was considerate of it being Simple and Budget friendly. So if you are looking for some recipes that won’t break the budget yet keep you out of the kitchen for long hours. Check her board out here!




Home Goods DIY

Oh, you guys! This board is Amazing. Just shy of 2K pins here on her board. Jill offers class and cleanliness with her style. I adore all the choices she has placed here. The different seasons and styles. Yet, she always keeps the look very fresh in her choices of style. I find that she took her time and put love and her own taste into her DIY home goods board. Be sure to check her out here.




DIY Gardening

Coming in just shy of 140 pins here on her board. Urban Garden Blogger offers really great content here! The options are really well thought and placed. She definitely did not just throw this board together. Sometimes the less amount of pins can hold the most amount of value on the board. So be sure to check her board out here!




DIY Organize your Home

Gasp! Oh my gosh you guys her account is so beautifully put together. You have got to check her board out if you are looking for DIY Home Organization. She has nailed it with her board! Almost 700 magnificent pins here to offer you and your idea board! So be sure to click here for more from Doris!




Free Task Printables

I am loving Simply being mommy’s Board here. She has about 70 pins that offer wonderful content and of course, FREE printable task sheets. Who doesn’t need a good task list?! I find that I use to struggle day in and day out with keeping organized in my brain. ( Mom Life) So I figured I would do the task lists and they seriously changed how everything was done! If you are looking to clean up your task list every day. Check out her board here!




Pregnancy and New Mom Tips

I know this all to well and oh is it so familiar. My daughter is just now 1.5 years old and I remember blowing up the internet with questions and tips to help me in motherhood and becoming a parent. Having those little tips to help you thru the little things or the products to get and not get. I mean the list seems to never end with questions, let alone all the items and products that come with a baby. Good news! Here on Simply Being Mommy’s board, you can find a large list of choices! She is coming close to almost 2K pins here on her board. So, you shouldn’t struggle to much with finding something helpful.




Funny E-cards to keep You Smiling

Oh my goodness. These are hilarious! If you are looking for a good slap on the leg or chuckle in your day. You have got to check out this board by Heather Wood. Nicely done girl. ( Giggling )




Parenting Tips

Almost 4K pins you guys. I am ensuring you will find some really useful information and tips here. She offers a massive amount of options and articles to read. She has found herself using a lot of the tips she has placed here in her board. Amanda @ Messy Motherhood is spot on with how well she put this board together. I highly recommend visiting today!




Quick, Simple Work Outs

Looking for that Quick but effective way to fit in some calories burning? Ashley has put together a very simple and efficient board. She offers things from arms all the way to toning the entire body in 10 minutes, 4 times a week in some articles. There are many boards out there that offer ideas to keep life less chaotic but still effective. Search No more because, you can find that here!




Travel Tips with Kids

Yes! Everything about Kate’s Board here is AMAZING! The tips are so incredible and super realistic. One thing I love the most! She pins things that your Every day Mom would use! I seriously recommend checking out almost all of her 700 pins she has strategically placed on her effective board. If anything click here and check out even just one of her pins, you wont be disappointed.




If you found anything helpful or useful for yourself personally here off of these boards. Please share in the comments below and be sure to Pin your favorites!