Wishing for a Magic Wand…

Have you ever just sat back and randomly been thinking about all the piles of things you need to accomplish? Have you ever wished it would happen with a snap of a finger?

Yeah, me too. 

Reality check. If snapping your finger would solve something without the effort behind it, we would never have a bad day of sex again. Ha! Which we know everyone has bad days.

The inside giggle I am experiencing is so worth that comment.

Save 7.jpg

The other day I was hanging with Gracie, my daughter. She was running around with this toy I bought her, seriously you guys I think I purchased it at the dollar store. It lights up looking like a magic wand changing colors.

She runs around with it waving it as if she is solving all her problems. Yelling and rambling to her stuffed animals as if she is saving the world.

I sat back and gazed at the imagination and creativity she was experiencing.

In that very moment I also was thinking about all the things I still needed to get done that day. I’m sure if you are a parent you can relate with the never ending list of to-do’s.

Literally 6 loads of clothes were just done to simply catch up. Went downstairs to realize there are 2 new loads to be washed. Sick household calls for multiple loads of laundry.

So, while sitting there pondering about what is next and what is priority, I began to daydream…


Can you Imagine?

Could you picture if every single person in the world was gifted a magic wand? Perhaps we all would have different abilities and some shared. But, there would only be good done with the wands.

Could you imagine?

As a parent who stays home with the little one I tend to gravitate towards analogies based off that. Being a mom.

Think about this, if you are a parent then you will totally vibe with what I am gonna say.

Getting up in the morning and enjoying the morning; Getting up and relishing in the love and cuddles with the littles ones; Getting up and perhaps making that super delicious breakfast for the family because, you have the extra energy.

How about after breakfast is done, so are the dishes.

What if that little magic wand changed all those poopy diapers? What if you just had the choice to change which ones you wanted?

Could you imagine?

I imagine waking up and actually not rushing. Not needing to feel like I am on a time limit because the list of things to get done are endless and tiring. I imagine having a 5 star restaurant meal for every single time dinner is served for the family.

Could you imagine?

Yes, that will be repeated numerous times because it should be engraved into our brains that it is okay to NOT want to do all the things all the time.

We are human my friends. You and all of us have got to stop beating ourselves up because we don’t get all the things done.

The things can wait as we prioritize the more important tasks. Organize your list and don’t apply pressure for the small things.


I will wave that wand tho

Just because it may not be realistic and exist only merely in fairy tales. I will hold onto the magic that could be possible. Right?!

Because what is life without imagination?  

Well, no life at all if you ask me. Dream the dreams that are so crazy they would be in fairy tales.

Dream dreams that occur in the middle of your day and not just in your sleep.

Dream dreams that will carry you thru your day and allow you to use your imagination on, what that magic wand is capable of.

Then, I want you to put your hands out and realize something important.

Those two hands your holding in front of you. Yes, all those 10 fingers and beautifully made hands.

Those are uniquely made, those are not copies, they are not too old or too young and by golly they are not incapable of magic.

Your two hands are capable of much more than magic. They are capable of creating in reality.

You posses a lot at the fingertips of your hands. You can accomplish more than you think. Even tho the tasks seem endless and tiring. They wont last forever.

The sink will be less full of dishes, the house will be clean more often, less to pick up, there will soon enough only be one bed in the house to make and before you blink, all those tasks will be missed.

The chores of a parent with one or multiple children are endless. But if I were to do one thing before I close it is this, to encourage you to leave here and know that you do posses the ability to get it all done.

However, I assure you the moment spent doing something other than a task. Is a memory made instead of a dirty dish cleaned.

Always weigh out your end result for your invested time.

I’d have to say my time spent giving love and worrying less about the tasks, fill my heart more than my never ending list ever could.

What about you do you tend to make too many demands of yourself?

When we found out…

I can not believe it

My husband and I are adults and neither of us has had this nor ever thought we would be around it. On Halloween night we had family and one of my close friends over for pizza and candy handouts. We got nearly 500 tricker treaters that night, so we needed the help. Plus the company was really nice.

Well that night when bedtime rolled around, Gracie ended up sleeping so bad. We figured overstimulated and just brushed it off. The next day she was tired, cranky and had a little sneeze. Which is pretty common for the fall season and things getting colder. Day two and she wakes up a bit more sneezy and by the evening on day two, we could hear that little bit of raspy in her voice. Only from the stuffed up in her nose but, it was clear as day that she had a cold. Day three she wakes up and the sneeze turned into a stuffy nose followed by fevers. Began alternating Tylenol and Motrin to keep the fever down per normal protocol.

Day four thru day Five she continues to be sick and has fevers. We seriously just treated this as a normal viral cold. Day six and our little girl wakes up with half an eye open. I could see it plain as day in the darkroom when we woke up. I figured some eye crusting from hard nights sleep so I took her to the toilet to pee and looked at her eye. It was all crusted but did not seem to bother her. I took a warm washcloth and had to rub away the crud that had accumulated around her eye and lashes.

It was 7 am and by the time 11 am rolled around my mom came over to visit. She encouraged I call the doctor to be sure it was nothing to worry about. I call and proceed to wait for the call back from the nurse. When they call back we schedule for a 7 pm appointment with her regular pediatrician. By the time 5pm rolled around, both of her eyes were looking the same. We arrive at the doctors and lo and behold it is confirmed, double pink eye. Poor kid. Between the viral cold and the butt play that toddlers do, she got the stink eye. Ha! So we are given an eye drop prescription for the next 7 days. Use the drops 3 times a day. Thank you, Lord for getting us on the same day!

So there you have it, Pink eye the stink eye. I wanted to extend some input on my experience so far.

Prepare for your hands to burn and feel like they are on fire. I have washed my hands easily over 200 times in the last 48 hours. I even have really great soap and hand lotion but, as much as I wash I really do not think it will make any difference. It is bound to make my hands hurt and be bright red. I know how tiring it can be to keep things clean and tidy but, every time they touch something it is at risk of being contaminated. This stuff spread QUICK and EASILY!

In all honesty, do what it takes to NOT get it. All I hear as an adult when you have pink eye is how miserable it is. Not that it is not for a child but, adults have a lot more to be present for then a kid does.
Take the time to wash a million times a day if that is what you need to do! Its worth it. She has used her eye drops only 3 times total and you can already see a dramatic difference.

Have you ever had a Pink eye or had an experience caring for it? What did you do? How did you care for it? Tricks? Remedies? I know a lot of people are into holistic healing so, I figured perhaps someone would shed some light on something we might not know here.

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep those hands clean!

How I Potty-Trained my 2 Year old in a realistic time

It was Gracie’s second birthday and the chaos of any normal kid birthday was happening. However, in those chaotic moments of decorating, last minute food, getting all the seating and table put together and of course being sure we had everything we need for the party. In between all of that, there is a toddler in a diaper somewhere and monitoring that poop bag they have to wear is still very much a part of this chaos.

I stood there as I was feeling anxiety. No matter who I am with if there is a lot of people I get anxious. Now for some reason every single celebration I have ever hosted or things like my birthday I would get the anxiety from feeling like I couldn’t entertain everyone properly or supply the need for what people needed during the event. Its just this thing inside of me that happens and I have no control.
So, as I stood there with that anxious feeling that I couldn’t be everywhere at one time, I couldn’t have conversations with each person, I couldn’t ask each person how their food was, if their little ones were having a good time or even things like, “Have I even had a bite of food since I woke up?”

I then realized I hadn’t checked on Gracie’s diaper in a few and I so off I went. As I knew it, she needed to be changed. While I still had this anxious feeling inside that I couldn’t be out there tending to the guests and being sure things were kept up. (Even tho I had plenty of help, you guys. This is just something about who I am.) Gracie, smiling at me and I just looked at her and said, “You are two now big girl! It is time we start heading in the direction of what big girls do!” I told myself and her at that moment, “Mom is gonna have you wearing big girl panties in just a short couple weeks. (I had a book that said 10 days. I shot for that.)

That is the moment I decided it was up to me to either weed out some of the chaos when I can or live with it. Obviously, I chose to weed the shit out. So, it seemed fitting to get rid of the dirty diapers.
I told myself, “10 days Ashley, you got this!” The book even says so! I read about 25 pages of that book before I decided I was more than capable of doing this without reading some book. Back in the day, like way, way back in the day they did not have books. So, I don’t need one either. At least not how to teach a little person to use a shitter.

Here we go…


Day one, I had been given some hand me down padded panties is what you can call them. I used pull-ups during nap time and bedtime. However, I just got right in it and put on some padded panties during the times she was awake. She had accidents the entire day this day. The first time she wet herself I had dressed her fully of course after a shower. So, when she peed she also peed all of her pants. This is when I made the choice that the next 4-5 days was going to be spent at home as much as possible and no pants were needed. Yay for Gracie!
This also was the first time I got to clean poop out of underwear. That’s fun. HA! You get used to it. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I wrote that but, its truth! All in all the first day was all about having these things.

  1. Patience
  2. No Expectations
  3. Consistent celebrations

Now, I knew being patient was a given and having no expectations was humane. Being consistent with every single celebration was the one thing that gets… weird. At least to me. When I am cheering on a little human to sit on a shitter and release their inners. HA! Seriously that might have been the worst description ever written but, I kept it. Because I am all about being honest and teaching a person to use the bathroom is, weird! A lot of eye contact. Be ready for that. Be ready to clap your hands, yell yay and tell them how big their poop was. Ha! This is serious business to them ya know? Ha Ha!

IMG_8515Reading on the toilet is non-negotiable.

Day two, now I am briefly going to run you thru the days it took to accomplish what we did. I guess being 2 and potty-trained is more uncommon than seeing your average three year old have it down. But, I am only getting this stuff from online sources or your average book off the shelf. I don’t have exact because I simply didn’t keep track. I’ll be better next time. So, day two she achieved pooping on the toilet! Mind be it was stuck between her butt cheeks but, it fell in the toilet when we sat her down. That alone was a shock to her. Ha! She also achieved going pee in one time. Which was already progress! We were proud nonetheless. Still staying consistent with every 30 minutes taking her to the bathroom, setting her on the toilet and sitting with her as we look at books and we would talk about using the toilet. She would throw fits after she caught on to what she would have to do when she knew she didn’t have too. But we didn’t and she also didn’t communicate the difference to us yet. So yeah, there is a lot of ugly involved in this process but, there is light at the end of the tunnel girl. I promise! Stick to it no matter how many bows that kid throws at you.

IMG_8466No pants for over a week while indoors. So cute tho…

Day three thru pretty much day eight there was leaps and bounds of progress with Gracie. By day 8 she was already using the toilet regularly as long as I would offer her the option every so often. No more than an hour at this point in our process. She was really responsive and from day two and on, she also did not poop in her pants. Of course, there have been a couple of accidents since day one to today. But, 99% of the time she walks to the toilet and poops. So by day eight, she would pee if she had too and was on the toilet however we were still working on the communication part to ALWAYS take us to the toilet if she had to go. But I mean we were doing pretty good for 8 days in and only 2 years old.

IMG_8364.PNGThese are the padded panties I ordered after realizing the amount I was given was not enough. This 3 pack and a second 3 pack with Elmo. Found on Amazon, here! Elmo ones are Here!

Day Ten, I was confident she was basically potty-trained but, I told Ryan that w should give her another 4 days until we officially say she is. Even by day ten she was now taking us to the toilet about 40% of the time when she would need to use the bathroom. But, every time she had to poop there was no hesitation to use the bathroom. We felt like this was a big success!

IMG_9774Victories deserve rewards!

Day Fourteen, we are telling her and ourselves she is fully potty-trained! Two weeks! Two fricking weeks is what we did. Only 4 days later then a book told us that it would happen. We all know books CAN happen with the advice given but, realistically there is always more of the average occurrence then the 1% occurrence. Just saying don’t beat yourself up if you are off a few days or even weeks. Every kid is different we just got lucky with her response to the process. Even when it was ugly.

We started on September 14th which is five days after her second birthday. It is November 1st and she has 3 pull-ups left for her bedtime. We will not be buying more after those are gone. However, she has not woke up wet but one time in about a month. We just didn’t want them going to waste so used them during bedtime. She has been wearing big girl panties for a nap since about week 3 after starting.

IMG_8707This board was COVERED by the end of the journey! We filled up all the spaces. ❤

You guys, don’t over complicate the things that are apart of human nature. We poop, we pee and we do it in a toilet. Its simple just set them on the toilet and eventually, they will poop or pee! When they do, CELEBRATE!

IMG_9588Gracie is so much more comfortable and happier without lugging around her pee and poop. Who wouldn’t be!?

How we would celebrate was not only the big hooray, the hand clapping or even the assurance of how big they were. But, we used stickers! She loved putting the stickers on the board after every success. Two stickers if she did a number one and two!

Embrace the chaos and work thru it. Weed out the shit that is not needed and stays consistent with being focused on staying consistent. It is easy to forget when you start a new habit. If you do that, the process will be much less painful and messy.
I hope I was able to shed some light and perhaps some assurance to relax a little. It’s not like they will poop and pee everywhere but the toilet forever.