Oh what the Holiday’s Bring!


What type of person are you?


Are you someone that prepares for holiday shopping 3 or more months ahead?

Do you budget out and save properly to ensure all the things for the holiday?

Can you count on 2 hands the number of things you need to accomplish?

Don’t worry if you said, “No.” Because it’s not about what you have been doing, it’s about what you can start doing!

Oh the weather outside is frightful


Wrong! It’s white and glistening! It’s fresh and crisp! It’s cold but is prepping for a new beginning in Spring.

Perspective my friends.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you enjoy all the beauty this time of year brings.

Personally, the Pacific Northwest starts getting chilly in mid-October. By the end of November, it is really damn cold!

For instance, it is 33 degrees Fahrenheit currently outside. Christmas is only twenty-four days away and there are six gifts to still be picked out and purchased.

Now, even tho Christmas and this time of year should not be about gifts and spending money, it sure feels good to give.

When people tell me that we don’t need to buy them a gift or we don’t need to plan and ask too early.

My response is this, “We are spending money on something for you because we want to give to you. We also want to be sure we gift you with something you will love and use.”

Truly this season and all the giving it allows, Is truly beautiful.

So bundle up and get out there to give back to someone you love and cherish!

We always have to save!


Now there is nothing wrong with not being able to whip out 500$ or more for gift buying during the season.

We simply budget properly per gift, per person and we make that happen.

Because in the end, it is the thought that counts.

Budgeting strategically can seriously save you hundreds of dollars. If you have never done it and just go with the flow. You should try it one year and see what you can achieve!

But, perhaps your a saver and an individual who takes gift buying to the extreme. Pricing out each gift and purchasing as sales happen. Go, you!

Simply we have over twenty gifts every year to pick and purchase.

Yes. You read the headline properly.

Between children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, each other and our daughter we have a lot happening.

Also, there are roughly 8 birthdays that happen between the last week of October thru the last weekend of January.

The gift picking is the most stressful only because a lot of people have a difficult time giving ideas.

Something personally that has never been an issue for myself. Giving ideas is the easy part!

However, I would say only about 1/3 give ideas and the rest we wing it! Somehow we have been pretty successful over the last 10 years.

If you are somewhere warm and sunny with sand and blue waters. Please come and pick me up. Ha!

I’m totally kidding!img_1283

I hope you all take the time to actually enjoy the gift buying this year. Even when it can be exhausting and the creativity gets low.

Think about the faces that happen and expressions retrieved when those gifts are given.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful week!img_0544

We are Not here to PROTECT our children from the World. We are here to PREPARE them for it.

Credit: The Imaging World (Google Search)

We all know this world can be an ugly place.That is an inevitable due to humankind. However, we can not allow the ugly to keep us from seeing or experiencing the Beauty that the world has. Although as time goes on, we see the horror happening around us. The violence, the hate, the diversity being created by ALL people. Don’t forget those “people” include children as well. It’s such a disheartening time and thing to see. I don’t know about you, but I sit here and I think about what the next 10, 15, 20 years are going to bring. From technology break through all the way to hearing about more assaults and murders.

We live in a time where things have become Casual. I have tried over and over again to think of a way to help myself understand if even just a little bit. I ended up coming up with that one word. Casual. I mean if you think about it, there is almost zero meaning behind much of anything anymore. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good intentions still flowing thru the world. But I truly see so much casual action happening all around me.

Here is a short list of some things I see people treating too casually:

Eating Nutritiously
Showing compassion
Giving Love
Working a Job
Being Alive

I know you’re probably curious what I mean by #7. I mean ENTITLEMENT. There Is way too much of that going on in the world today. I’m not just talking about adults either. The kids are learning from the adults and their entitlement. I truly believe the main source of problems come from inside the home. A lot of people nowadays have zero problems walking around with a stick up there butt as if they rule the world. (Even tho we don’t want to be around those individuals, let’s try and remember they are human also and probably need a dang hug! Or Jesus… Either way.)

I am not sure why our natural instinct as parents is to think we need to PROTECT our children from the world. Yes, we need to Protect them in the sense of Safety. But I just do not believe that it was intended to shelter them from the truth. If my baby girl has a valid yet tough question for me, you bet your bottom I am gonna deliver her the truth in the best way I know how. If I am crying and she wants to know why I will not hide that from her. I refuse to shelter her from understanding feelings and empathy. Because, in the end, isn’t that a piece of what we all wish we saw more of in the world? Understanding and Empathy. The day my daughter asks me big questions, I want her to understand that a lot of times when you ask big questions they come with bigger answers. Which does not make the Questions a bigger “problem” per say. But it could have a much more in-depth and complex explaining. See how we need to be choosy about how we explain things?… Boy, being a parent is tough stuff! At least we all have one another and we can lean in. If that is your husband, mom, sister, your fellow mama friends. Don’t keep yourself from leaning in when it’s needed.

I hope that one day I can look at Gracie as an adult and be proud, knowing her daddy and I raised her and PREPARED her for this mean, and nasty world. But, that she knows flowers can not grow without dirt.


Is Life too crazy for Symmetry as A Parent?

I heard one time that someone just wanted “Balance” in life. I’m sitting here asking myself, “Balance? Is that real?”

So here I sit today and ponder on that comment. That sense of balance the individual was seeking. I ask myself, “Do you seek for Balance outside of yourself?” As in, your surroundings. Or, do you seek for the Balance, inside yourself?

See this is the question I keep asking myself. I put myself in different situations that would challenge me to do either balance inside, or balance in my environment. Then, I tried both. Here are my stories and results.

Neither of them make a difference in how I attacked them. Because there is no such thing as Balance.

Okay let me back up. Perhaps you can have temporary balance. As in, everything is EXACTLY how you want it. However, that isn’t going to last. I am not trying to be negative or a Debbie downer either. Trust me, that is the last thing I want. But hear me out.

Balance is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

Now, put that into perspective. Having an even distribution in life in all aspects. I mean, are you kidding me. Like I said it can happen for days, or perhaps even a few weeks. But Balance can not be constant. There is always going to be something that is heavier than the other in life. It’s impossible that absolutely everything can sustain a even proportion to create balance. Yes, I am being technical. Because to set your mind up to think there is a balance of complete. That is fooling your brain and you will end up being disappointed for that the placement of that expectation.

So in turn here is what I suggest. This is not a professional piece of advice. This is simply my personal take on what you can create, if you are or wanted to seek Balance.

I suggest you prioritize and find the 3 most important things in your life. Find those three things and create a stable foundation. Start with one and move into the next two. Show yourself Grace, and patience. Balance with even one aspect in life is VERY difficult to maintain and keep up with. But that does not make it impossible.

For instance, If you had prioritized Church, Family, Business. This means you would be placing Church as your main priority to find your balance in that aspect of your life.

Which could entail attending your choice of church, being consistent, becoming apart of the community there in church. You see? It really takes involvement for each aspect in life to maintain balance. Otherwise you lack one thing and it throws it all off. Frustrating right? Which is truly why I feel like we are worker bees.

So what I am getting at is simply my outlook and how I see that Balance can not be a constant in life. So to want that, is okay. But to make it a goal? Well, I think your in a for a very, very long road my friend. I won’t tell you it’s impossible to have Complete Balance. I will just say, I don’t believe it’s possible. I am okay with that because it’s allows me to feel like I am challenged. Like I don’t have to be stagnant in life. It helps remind me that if I want to continue feeling that wonderful feeling of Balance when I do get those opportunities. Well, I better stay constant, or the balance won’t either.

Just My Take on Balance.