Do you ever ask yourself this?

Lately I’ve been questioning.

Purpose. Life and people.

How long before we find our purpose?

How long until people, stop, hating?

When will life become less cruel?

I ask myself this.

Why do we argue over things out of our control?

Why can’t we come to a center to be more whole?

These are things I ask myself.

It’s okay to feel the way you want.

It’s okay to voice your thoughts.

It’s okay if you want that and not this.

But don’t you try to tell me to shift.

I am who I am as you are who you are.

Can’t we be different?

These are things I ask myself.

Just be humble. Just be kind. Just be giving and leave no one behind.

This is what I’m told.

I live up to standard and I am a good person.

We should always remember to never lessen, any person or anything.

Lift one another because, this is how we can win.

Being right or being wrong is no longer priority.

Fact and truth are what should lead society.

These are things I tell myself.

For now I will only reflect,

The things I want most.

Fairness. Respect and truth at its best.

Stop the hatred and stop the diversity.

Create more love and open ability.

To see other sides and be open minded.

To learn to love others and not just be one sided.

These are things I speak to you.

Spread love. Spread kindness. But be fair and be true.

Thank you

“Little humans are always watching what adults are doing. Not saying.”

I simply was inspired to write this by watching people sway from one another due to different paradigms.

It’s sad. It’s unfortunate. But, it is reality and it’s truth.

Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion out there has created diversity due to lack of respect for another’s beliefs. You have every right to your own beliefs and spiritual practices.

Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and all other races have created diversity by titling ourselves as if we have color coded boxes to live inside.

It’s gross.

What happen to human decency? What happen to love thy neighbor?

I just keep asking myself so many things and wonder why or why nots.

Anyways this poem is how I feel. I always write my poems quickly and deliver them without much thought.

I want to be sure I deliver pure and true feelings. Raw emotion.

I encourage you to compliment someone today and be sure to hug and spread love. It truly is contagious.

Thank you for reading

Why Sunshine over Shadows?


Searching and longing to feel whole.

Finding the joy inside your Soul.

Life’s journey is beautiful and filled with magic.

It’s your job to jump out and grab it.

Being afraid is completely okay.

Just don’t let it keep you from growing day to day.

Your reason should never be your excuse.

But, more of an entrance to discover the real you.

So don’t give up and don’t give in.

Be stronger than the monster within.

”Dig deeper than the shadows burrow”

This poem was inspired by a simple picture as the one you see.

This morning, doing my normal scrolling through social media. I came across this post and it was from a plant farm here locally in Spokane.

I am a huge succulent fan so it grabbed my attention quickly. Seems as if succulents are the only plants outside of a cactus I can keep alive.

In the beginning of my journey to learning about succulents and growing them from babies to medium plants. I lost LOTS of leafs and my toddler like to share them with the pet cat.

So that would sometimes leave me with some naked looking succulents. Of course, I would naturally just throw away the broken pieces. Not even thinking to give the leaf a opportunity to regrow.

Just like any plant! Take the clipping and put it in water. Duh!

But, a little different with succulent. You can literally just leave that little guy out and it will regrow itself! I believe a tad bit of water on the leaf here and there with proper sunlight.

How incredible is this! I mean the thought to me that I was so quick to just give up and throw away an opportunity of regrowth.

I almost felt bad for all leafs I killed. Ha ha.

So, next time you feel like giving up quickly. Rethink what opportunity lies in the problem. I assure you there is most likely more life or option left in what you are given.

Sending positive vibes your way and wish you the best of your weekend.


If it makes you feel better, I flipped off my coffee after it spilt on me this morning. #reallife 💋

Thanks for reading!

To begin can be scary

Have you started your New Years Resolution?

Perhaps you were up late last night preparing frozen meals, organizing shelves, taking notes for the first day in 2019 or maybe you laid around and spent quality time laughing with your family.

Either way, we all have goals when we begin something new.

The trends and the repetitive repeats of the year before.

Aren’t you sick of setting the same goals every year? Either not reaching them, half reaching them or perhaps, you did actually achieve them.

Good for you!

For those of you, like myself, that start and stop frequently in life by overfilling your “perfection plate.

Trust when I say, “You are not on that wagon alone.”

However, this year I was hoping to encourage others like myself. Too hop off that old wagon and hurdle onto the new one that is actually moving!

Did you know that this is the very last teen of our century? The last teen in your lifetime.

It may not seem like some huge ordeal and perhaps it really is not.

However, sometimes believing something is your last, somehow makes you want to reach for it a little bit more.

Kind of like the theory of, you want what you can’t have.

But, it is not here nor there.

What it is about is, you. This year, it is about kicking your own ass.

If that is physically for you, get on it!

If that is mentally for you, seek it!

If that is emotionally for you, dig for it!

You truly have the power inside of you even when you feel like you don’t.

You are human and it is absolutely normal and natural to simply just feel like you can’t.

But, what I am here to tell you is, you can!

I used to think, that putting a ton of shit on my plate was the best way to get all the things done.

I used to think, that by shooting for 10 things I was stronger or smarter somehow.

I used to…

But this year, this year we can change all we have ever known and done.

Because this year, there is belief like never before. There is passion and there is fire inside of you!

Can you feel it?!

Stop going against what you know your meant to do or be! Don’t worry about what everyone or even that one person will think.

The only persons opinion that matters about you, is yours!

You can never truly be your genuine self if all you do is hide behind a shadow of someone you are not.

Here are some personal tips on how to start and move towards your wanted direction.

  1. Figure out what you want.

I know this is tough. I’m aware it’s the hardest part. But dig deep, soul search and figure out what is burning inside of you. The thing you can not live without. You do not need to be great at this thing. You just have to have a big enough passion and hunger to go after it.

2. How will you get it? Blue print the plan.

No, you do not need to be an architect to blue print your process. You simply need a pencil, some paper and a vision. What is the first step to getting your # 1? I’m not talking about taking the first step here. Simply just writing or drawing it out first. There is SERIOUS magic in writing things down.

Is it changing your attitude?

Is it changing your friends?

Is it adding more nutrition?

Is it implementing more self talk?

How will you get what you want? Figure this out and the next step comes easier.

3. Take the first step

The scariest part. At least for me personally.

Actually, following through with all the things that were just written down is freaky all by itself.

Probably asking yourself, “Am I seriously going to do this?” “Is this actually going to even work?”

Been there and guess what?

You will never know unless you TRY!

So stop allowing FEAR and DOUBT to stop you from everything you DESERVE!

Which takes me to my last tip.

4. Get good at filtering your thoughts

Before you speak, think. Because our reality becomes what we create.

If we are constantly feeding ourselves doubt through thoughts.

Well my friends, I will just tell you now that you will spin your plates for a long time by doing so.

You disservice yourself and all those around you by speaking poorly. By thinking poorly.

We are what we feel and we become what we surround ourself with physically and mentally.

I know this might seem a bit deep and weird to wrap up my last tip this way.

But, it’s truth and if you don’t start taking the filter process more seriously. You will self destruct before you even flip the switch to try.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of you!

Always remember that being intentional with everything you do can be life altering.

Happy New Year 2019 to all of you! May you be showered with love and light.

A few things in 2019 I will personally be doing:

  • Being Intentional (My Word for the Year)
  • Learning to manage and work through my Anxiety.
  • Diminish my Personal depression for good!
  • Less unproductive Screen time
  • Increased creative time with Gracie
  • More dates with my Husband
  • Monetize my website
  • Find sponsorship for Podcast
  • Donate as much as possible
  • Attend church regularly
  • Makeup application & Beauty world
  • YouTube channel growth
  • Take walks outside and alone again. This has been a struggle since my anxiety took over.
  • Better nutrition and self care for the inside of my body.
  • Read more and take more notes


The rest are things I plan on working on and getting better at with application and time.


You and everyone else…

Have you ever done something in your life when you got no support from people actually present around you?

Perhaps some would pat you on the back or tell you good job, but that is the open and close to the action or compliment if that is how it’s done nowadays?

Is that enough for you?

Should you keep that energy around?

These are valid and necessary questions to ask yourself sometimes.

Especially when you are trying to do something that is totally against the grain. Something that you are building from scratch. It is not just a clock in and clock out kinda lifestyle.

Most times you end up with people that understand nothing about what your doing or why you are doing it. Good thing you are not doing it for them. Because boy oh boy would that pressure be tough or what? Having to please everybody else, including you!

Worrying about how you do things or move your life around to fit people in.

People that are important but currently not more important than your immediate family and goals.

If this can’t be respected, encouraged or understood from the opposing party.

You my friend are in for a bit of a tougher road. Best way too put it.

Sometimes there comes a day when people want to do something for themselves and unfortunately there is no room for extra.

It’s strictly family and work until a goal is met and a break can be given.

For the first time your doing something for yourself.

Go you!

Has this happened to you or happening?

Because I completely know how you feel.

In fact we could not be on more of the same wave link as we are with this.

You see, there are time frames on things in life.

Even life itself.

There are time frames in our teenage years, the mistakes we make and learn from.

Then the decade of our twenties which we end up enduring a lot of experience.

Then when you finish up with the end of your twenties you branch into your thirties.

Here is when you are thinking a lot more about the deeper things in life.

Not saying that this is everyone. But, you have to admit this explanation is pretty average.

Now thinking deeper could be encouraged from settling down for a long period of time with your spouse and creating a family.

Seeing the importance of so much we take for granted.

Understanding how quickly time goes by and the value we throw away by not utilizing the time more wisely.

You and everyone else, is not a qualified recipe.

You are your own ingredients and everyone else is their own formula.

It important to remember when you branch out and start following the path you want and life you deserve. That you simply go after it.

It’s vital to not allow anyone to devalue that or misunderstand the importance of it too you.

Do not rearrange your goals and priorities. This is the first mistake that so many make when they think they can do it all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are probably a lot of you reading this that manage all the things that life throws at you.

Let me ask you something, “How’s that going?”

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to prioritize and completely cut people out.

It’s your life. Your terms.

Friends if you have people in your circle that don’t understand what your fighting for or what your dealing with in your life.

It’s okay. It’s not their responsibility to know or understand.

It is up to you if you want to share it.

It’s up to you if you want to include those that actually help you thrive and if they do.

Just be sure you keep your environment positive and encouraging for your path.

Because I know to well, it does not take much to break someone that is already feeling broken.

If you are someone that is reading this and dealing with an individual who might not be around much.

Show them love, show them grace, ask them what’s wrong.

Understand that if you know them, you’ll know they aren’t hiding for any reason other than a valid one.

God bless and thanks for reading my thoughts today friends.

Now go out and do that thing, for you.

Tips you Want to know when Traveling with a Baby Under 6 Months

Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping and baby

When my daughter was 3 months old, I decided to fly from Washington State to San Antonio Texas alone with her as a new mom. My husband had to work and we could not afford for him to take the time off and come with us.

Image may contain: one or more people, baby and closeupThe Sling that saved my Arms

My Grandma had recently passed away and my Mom drove down just a few days prior to deal with the Estate. She took her 13-year-old Granddaughter and her Fiance on the trip with her. At the time of planning this whole trip, I just didn’t want to be in a car with a little baby for that many days. Especially being a new mom and just not knowing what to expect.

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingThe stroller and car seat combo was once again my lifesaver in many ways. But especially when I drove to the Ocean and had lunch on the water.


Well a few days down the road I had talked with my mom which resulted in a purchased ticket and a baby on my lap. I had traveled many times before but, not with a baby. I was clueless and had to do all sorts of asking around for tips on how to travel effectively, organized and not to bring to much but to bring what you need. I had SO much stuff, you guys! Not that all of it was not totally worth bringing but, if I knew what I know now I would not have brought SO much. Not to mention it cost me $55 there and back for my luggage.


Image may contain: 1 person, hatShe was Clearly ready for her adventure


So thru my experience of 10 days away from home and my husband for the first time with our daughter. I felt like I could share my tips and what I came to discover worked best for me personally but, also to share some insight on things you can do that will make your trip a tad more simple. Which I know all of us Moms want that.


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, sunglasses and closeupIf you can find these sunglasses that have a band to hold them on. Get them! Totally worth the money and look how cool she looks! Ha Ha


Now if you are traveling alone like I did, good for you! Taking that on is a task and if you’re doing it for the first time, I am applauding you all the way. I know its scary and might be tough but, you got this mama!


Some Items you do NOT want to Forget













I know that seems like a crazy list of items you NEED. But let me explain why I brought all of these items and that I am glad I did.

The stroller was my saving grace! I had to run from one tunnel to another and it was about a quarter mile. I was wearing a 3-month-old baby who was hungry, a stroller I stuffed full with 2 bags and my purse and I was covered in sweat from running and panicking I was going to miss my flight due to a late arrival. I even fell getting off the first flight! I fell backward trying to kneel down and open up the stroller. No one helped me and it was so embarrassing. So a lesson from me, BE VERY CAREFUL when opening your stroller if you are front or back heavy. I was carrying two bags a baby and my purse before loading up the stroller and adjusting myself. Even tho I struggled opening it, It helped me carry all my things and push it around. Just check it in at the gate before boarding your flight and pick it up at the next arrival. Easy peasy and its free!

Car seat and the car seat cover were big for me. I had a car rental in Texas waiting for me and I knew a car seat was needed to drive my daughter around. So, of course, I had to bring my own. Personally, I would never trust anyone else’s car seat or car seat rental. You just never know and it made me more comfortable to have mine. I purchased a car seat cover on Amazon for $15 and it was durable enough for that ONE flight. I had to duct tape the entire thing back together when I got to Texas. I was thankful my car seat was not damaged by an open bag cover. So I suggest learning from me and buy the fancy ones. Don’t try and take the cheap route, you could end up with a damaged car seat. Plus it saved me money on adding a car seat rental to the bill of the car rental.

This was not an option as she needs somewhere to safely and properly nap while we were away from home. I thankfully got the stroller and car seat checks in for free. However, the pack and play was treated as luggage and I paid $25 for the fee there and back. Pricey tag but, something that is an absolutely necessary item. I only had a twin bed to sleep on while I was away and it made me nervous sleeping in such a small space with her. Which is another reason why the Pack and play was needed. I am glad I packed it even tho all of these items were crazy lugging around.

Snack and Cash! Two things I made sure I packed with me on the plane. I knew that I would get hungry and was not going to cave and pay 3 x’s the cost of snacks. Even tho I caved and got a coffee. I only brought cash with me on the trip which was nice and I felt like a lot more convenient for me personally. A lot of places don’t take cards believe it or not!

Extra diapers and Onesies! So I got really lucky and my daughter did not have any blowouts. Pheew! This does not mean it can not happen and that you should not be prepared if it does. Just toss a couple extra diapers and onesies for the flight. ( Maybe even an extra top for you )

I was breastfeeding and formula supplementing. On the plane, I would just feed her the disposable formula bottles. Mostly because I wasn’t producing enough to provide keeping her happy on the plane. They come in 2 oz bottles and seriously were incredible time savers and mess savers! Enfamil makes them and they were amazing for the flight! Highly suggest them if you are formula feeding for travel!

So not all moms wear the babies nowadays but, it has become more popular. I was encouraged by other moms to try it out for more freedom with my arms. I used it here and there but not as much as I thought I would have. Well, let me tell you, that wrap saved my ass when I was running around and hustling thru the airports trying to use both hands to accomplish the tasks needed. I really encourage all moms to use a wrap when traveling. Not only that but on the plane during the flight it makes for a lot more comfortable ride for the baby and saves your arm from going numb! Promise you won’t regret it. It might get warm but, we gotta pick our battles!

So now that I have shared with you the things I think you should NOT forget. I now would like to share a short list of things you DO NOT need to bring with you but, just buy it when you get to your destination! Allows you to pack lighter!



You DO NOT need this Shit








Okay, I am not saying all of these things could not be used. I mean I did pack exactly everything you see here, plus some. But that is why I am sharing the list with you. I didn’t pack ALL the diapers I would need but, I sure packed a lot. Don’t do it! Just go to the store when you get there and buy what you need. As far as wipes go, well that is always a tough one because I realized on my trip I was using those for everything. So in my personal opinion, you don’t need a ton when you actually fly. But, buy a shit load while you are there because I swear I went thru so many more while I was gone.

Wardrobes… Okay I know it is really easy to over pack because we never know what to expect with a place we don’t live. So we were coming from dead Winter in Washington State to Blazing hot Texas Summer basically. Thirty degrees to ninety! I was not complaining but, I needed to pack properly! My daughter didn’t have summer clothes yet and neither did I after having a baby!

So I did what any new mom on a budget would do, I wore maternity shit the entire time I was there and of course Maxi dresses and skirts! It all worked out tho, thankfully. Not going to lie I over packed for us both and ended up coming home with more stuff. If anything the biggest tip is knowing your gonna come home with items, so don’t overpack. It was tough packing for Gracie but, I went to a second-hand store and grabbed a few dresses, a suit, some shorts, and shirts. It was so hot that she hardly wore much. Keep it simple and light. I say 6 items of each of everything! We also had access to a Washer and Dryer which helped!

Bring Toys but, bring literally some teethers, a favorite stuffed animal and maybe a few small items. When they are under 6 months you don’t need a ton of toys. Just entertain, play and go sightseeing! Gracie loved going for walks and seeing the palm trees and we drove to the Ocean also! Glad we bought a suit.

I packed some medicine for teething and her basic kit to check for fevers. It added up being 6 small items in a small bag. I didn’t end up even needing any of it except gas drops.

Okay, I also packed 7 blankets, you guys. I can’t even believe I am admitting to that because to me now that is ridiculous. But if you would have said that to me then, I would give you purpose for each one of those blankets. Um, it was 80 degrees and hotter every single day. LMAO! So basically what I am saying is, she only needed maybe 2. Don’t be a dork and pack as if your going to Antarctica. How I confused Texas with Cold is beyond me.



Here are some Link that will QUICKLY guide you to some items you might find useful!

  Car Seat Bag for Travel! I highly recommend this specific bag for its durability and padding for protection! Click on the Picture to get yours today!

 These were Not the ones I used. I used the ‘INFANT” yellow box ones. But i can only seem to find the 8 oz containers for those. So I wanted to put up the “Newborn” option for the 2 oz containers. Life savers! Grab a cheap little screw on cap and nipple! Wa-La! Click the Photo for more Info!



The Ring Sling was a huge arm saver. It allowed me to rest easy during the flight and gave privacy if I needed it for feeding. ( If you want that ) I encourage considering the wrap with the ring and not tying it. But that is my personal input. I didn’t enjoy the idea of a big knot. The ring did bother me from time to time. But nothing that was worse than a numb arm. Ha Ha


I hope some of this was helpful for you and your future trip if you are planning one. There is much more i could go on about with tips or just my input. But, that could turn into something much to long to read. So for now I will leave you with this, Believe you can do it, Pat yourself on the back for every single small success along your journey and don’t forget to give yourself grace and patience for all you will endure over your time away from home.