Waiting Rooms, the place that is full of…

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So we have all been there sitting in some sort of business waiting room. Maybe sometimes you got lucky and the whole time you had to wait, no one came in. Those are the times you can relax and know that no one is staring at you in some creepy way. You know, the times you look over and either some guy is starring, women is glaring or a child is doing that stalker stare. Ha ha! I mean of course there are glory times when you get the somewhat more normal and mannered individuals. But I mean there are not many of those left. (The combination together anyways) ha ha! Besides what is normal?  I mean that light heartedly, but let’s be real.

So here I am, waiting for my massage and chiropractic adjustment. I have the desk lady that is working, a Physical therapist, a massage therapist in their room, and the chiropractic specialist. Which of course they had clients. So I am the only one sitting in the room but the Office assistant is behind the computer. I can not see her face because the monitor is blocking it. So I’m like, okay I guess we just pretend we aren’t in the same room with anyone and we can just go about our business. So I play on Instagram, Facebook scroll and then do some inner brain thinking of what I’m going to write about. Then I look up and there she is! (The desk gal)  So I share a smile and nod. Weird right? Why do we do that? Moving on from that awkwardness…

I share that mostly because I was giving a visual example of just ONE person you encounter within the business establishment as you wait in the waiting room.

So as I was pondering what to write about I thought, “Waiting rooms are full of…” There arose my idea.

So I collectively gathered some moments in time that I have encountered while sitting in waiting rooms.

Okay, so even as Parents we still get grossed out, or just don’t want to be around another sick kid. Right? Or am I awful and I’m completely alone in that… I mean, I get it! You gotta take your kid with you when you got shit to do. Not much around those type of times. You just have to go and know you gotta take your sick kid around other people. Its okay to feel bad about it and its also okay to do it. I mean you have too right? Now, if you DO NOT have to take them out. Please for the love of God, save us all the germs and keep their little tushies home.

So we already sorta talked about the employees that come and go, the clients that are in and out. Which brings me to the patients that actually end up in those awful uncomfortable waiting room chairs. (most times) We always have to make eye contact and you know there has to be an exchange of a smile. Mostly because I’m a good person and just want a positive vibe around me. So yeah, I walk around smiling at strangers because I would rather do that than be weird by making eye contact and doing nothing. (Picture that for a moment…) Picture making that direct eye contact and just having a blank face. How weird. Isn’t it already uncomfortable enough that we gotta make eye contact. I’m here to get naked and rubbed down, then cracked all over my body. Isn’t that enough pressure! Haha

My face
Listening to these conversations like…

Let’s talk about just one conversation that happens within that waiting room…

Example, Guys sitting next to me with his daughter who is like 14 or so. They are talking about how she got caught naked with her 16-year-old boyfriend. I’m literally sitting right next to these people. So, um… what the hell am I suppose to do? Just sit there. That is exactly what I did. (Laughing so hard right now) Seriously tho, am I suppose to bust in the conversation and really speak that there’s a time and a place for those talks. In all honesty, I get the talk and how being upset is validated FOR SURE! But, wouldn’t you agree there is a better time for that discussion. especially when there is a stranger sitting RIGHT next too you. Need I say more?

Work It
Perhaps this is the purpose behind the smells in a SPORTS establishment… Haha

Smells. Oh man, I know you all know what I’m talking about. My best friend drove me to one of my chiropractic appointments. When we got there, no one was around and it straight up smelled like booty. I mean we were for sure someone was having some dirty sex somewhere. As the Patient comes out of the massage room, we instantly think… Ooooh, they were doing it! Ha Ha. Well, of course, two moms would instantly think that, right? Good lord we need our minds washed and dried. So, we ended up putting into perspective that we were in a SPORTS chiropractic establishment. Yeah, so it was the end of the day and the place smelt like booty because of all the people that were there that day. Once again I am laughing so hard right now.

So those are just a few things I have come encounter with while waiting in the super fun, interesting and fragrance filled rooms.

What have some of your experiences been? If your up for it, please share in the comments below. Thanks!

Toddlers are Unicorn Turds…


Let me Explain. You see everyone told me prior to having a baby that I was in for it when they turn two. I’m thinking, okay I can handle some nutty midget. No problem. I got this. Plus I knew that if my husband and I were good at anything. It is working together as a team. We just had that from the get-go of our friendship into our romantic relationship. We re grateful for sure that we can work together so well when it comes to solving problems.

Okay so back on track here. I want to explain that I am here to tell you that the “Terrible Twos” do exist. I’m not there with Gracie yet, but I know it is just around the corner. Plus, I’ve heard it time and time again. Now what I want to share with you is this.

Terrible twos are real. However, the moment you have that little breathing life in your arms. It is tough from the get-go. Day one is all when it really starts. See, this is obviously just my take and perspective. But I mean I feel like Day one they are just little Unicorn Turds. Ha Ha. I mean it in the sense of  Unicorns are rare and awesome. But turds are well, turds! So They are Awesome/Rare turds. Ha Ha! I mean I felt like that was a pretty spot on analogy. Either way, I felt like sharing this. Perhaps a laugh will be given,  a smile made or quite possibly you feel, just the same way.