A little About Me

Hey everyone and welcome to my little Bio. I am going to be flat out upfront about this and that is being I have no idea how to really write my bio. I listened to a podcast recently that encouraged me to revamp and be myself. So first thing she mentioned was if I sat down in front of a stranger and they simply asked me, “What do I do?” I thought to myself in all honesty my first answer would be, I am a stay- at-home mom.

When in reality, the question is not what do I do every day…

The question is, “What do I do?”

Well I enjoy creating a place for readers to go and learn about who I am, who my family is, what we enjoy to do, fun activities anyone can enjoy, recipes of vegan food I make for the family and sometimes I’ll even write up some reviews on products.

I also enjoy writing blogs about personal feelings that are relatable, tips on different areas in life or tasks.

So I suppose for now what I DO, is spend time figuring and narrowing down what I want to do. Being at home with my daughter allows me the opportunity to do that and I’m grateful.

Who Am I?

In all reality can we seriously sum up who we are? I suppose I will give it a shot because one of my philosophies is, “If you haven’t tried you’ll never know.”
Hi, my name is Ashley and please remember I plan on writing as If I am sitting down having a casual conversation with a stranger. I’ll just bring you back to, I was born in Riverside California. Moved to Washington state when I was nearly two years old. My mom and dad split when I was about 7 years old and my sister at the time was 12. When I was 11 my mom moved us from my school I grew up in and I attended a new middle school for a short 2 years before we moved again. Staying in that school district until I made the choice to no longer go to school. Thankfully school was not the end all be all to my future or what I became. I am 34 and I am now deciding to revamp this website and bring life back into it. I am married to an incredible guy that is the sun and the moon in my life. I am a mother to a little girl that is the air I breath. I am a daughter the most fantastic mother in the world and a father that loves me more than anything. I am a sister to a very strong woman, I am a friend to those who hold me near to their heart and I am a child of God that is determined to create a life that she is meant to live with all those she loves and keeps close in her life. These things do not define who I am, but they are a big part of creating who I have become. I am on my way to living a badass life. The past is always there but, the future is where I am going.

Once upon a time, I was a tiny little Human


Classic Family Photo. Seriously no one looks happy here besides my moms half grin. Ha!


My sister and I thru numerous days in our childhood. Really great memories right here.

Most days you can find me

Going for neighborhood walks
Showing Gracie how to garden
Making nature bouquets!
Teaching and showing plant growth

On my back patio working on in my garden beds working on getting them healthy and maintaining their environment. Plants and gardening are and have become a big part of my interest/passion. I’ve fallen deeply in love with the learning of botany and also vegan/plant based nutrition. I have been dairy intolerant for almost 3 years now, only eat meat once in a while and so I began researching veganism. Realizing that making the shift was not only close to my heart, but it would completely optimize my health.

You can also discover my standing in the kitchen, leaned on the counter top on my phone reading. Whether that is an article, a bio, a complete template on how to manage time or even keep things tidy. Obviously the one person you will always see next to me is my daughter and the only time she is not allowed to be at my hip is simply never. Ha ha! So basically, most days I am at home with my daughter playing, reading or simply gazing with my girl at all the pretty we can see.

I am mostly known for

Alright, I will give a brief past and present for this one. In my past from about the age twenty until I was about twenty-six one word that would easily sum me up was, fearless. I could say crazy but I can’t fall in all the buckets of crazy. If we were to go off just being crazy-fearless, well then we would have a pretty good description.

Present day I would have to say that know me, know a few basic things about my character.

•One is that I don’t judge. I fully except people for who they are because its far from my job to dictate their character.

•Second thing is that I over worry about Gracie. Now this is from other perspectives and I am fully aware that I over protect but, I am working on it. She is my air.

I’ve always been told that I am a really great encouraging spirit. Something I have always found to come really easy for me was to encourage others to believe in themselves and what they want, what they deserve.

•Yoga is life! Stretching is apart of my daily routine, because if I don’t do it I will end up stiff as heck. After my last accident my body has never been the same. Nowadays for my body there is nothing like a good flow.

•Wrapping it up the one thing that everyone says when they meet me is that I smile a lot.

What I am passionate about

Not going to lie, this one is tough to narrow down. Passion is a big part of me. Something that was actually brought to my attention is that anything I love or even show interest in, I become really passionate about.

Down to baking and the specifics I get detailed and passionate about how good or bad that food was. I mean I feel like expression is so boring without passion.

•Being a Mom.

•Being a wife.

•Staying true to myself.

•Cooking/Baking- Vegan and Plant based nutrition. Learning benefits and lifestyle.


•Expanding my relationship with faith.

•Being kind.

•Loving more.


•Laying in the sunshine.

•Writing my feelings.

•Talking about life.

•Getting serious about the future.

•Spending time with family

•Creating experiences and even the smell of a fancy perfume.

I mean you guys my list of what I am passionate about could go on longer than the ocean does. There really is nothing I am not passionate about, because I am a simply a passionate person.

So for now, I will leave you with all of that and over time I will change and update things as life does.

2020 current day

So there you have it. A little about me.

5 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Hey girl hey!
    How are you Krystal?
    So awesome we are both from Riverside!
    Well I was born there and moved when I was young to Spokane.

    What is bringing you to Washington?
    There are lots of great mom communities here in Spokane. You will find a wonderful group of friends! ☺️
    Happy Tuesday


  2. I was looking for mom blogs to get a feel of Spokane. I plan on relocating my family soon. We are coming from Riverside, CA 🙂


  3. I was looking for mom blogs in Spokane to get a feel for the area. I am relocating to Spokane soon with my kiddos. We are coming from Riverside, CA 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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