Secret Sauce that you can use on anything

There was a day when I was able to eat 5 pieces of pizza and a side of ranch if I wanted, but those days ended and here I am dairy intolerant. I have always wondered if we give ourselves intolerance by not getting enough of that source. But that is just a personal theory I have.

Tonight was one of those nights when I made different meals, which is not ideal for family meals. But I really wasn’t up for anything other than super fresh!

So I made Ryan and Gracie a couple Boca Burgers, which I can’t have due to them having milk in them. Yes they have milk and the Boca crumble does not. Weird right? Either way I didn’t want a burger tonight, so they enjoyed that with a side of veggies and homemade russet fries. I didn’t take a photo of their dinner, but I promise it looked awesome and they both ate every bite.

This was my dinner, which of course I took a photo of.
There is something almost magical about vegetable laid out nicely.

When I make salads I always just grab and cook. There is no rhyme or reason to what I grab or how I am seasoning. Seems weird I know, but it’s how my mojo works. Ha!

For some reason this dressing is something I just literally grabbed and tossed together, turning out to be a sauce you could use on anything! I mean that to.

The sauce is what made and finished the salad. I mean all those vegetables are delicious, but the sauce is what combines it all. Right? Yes! At least I feel that way. Perhaps my light sense of humor and smiling face can’t be seen right now, but I am being silly. Okay I’ll get back to focusing.

Here is what you need for the secret sauce:

I am going to apologize ahead of time, but I don’t measure this dressing. I will measure what I do next time just to see what I really am adding.

  • GENEROUS squeeze of Spicy Mustard. Any brand will work.
  • Few DASHES of Rice Vinegar
  • 2 splashes of Olive oil
  • 3 tbsp water ( I do measure this!)
  • DASH of sea salt
  • DASH of pepper (or more if you want spicy)
  • Cornstarch

Whisk this mixture together for a good 30 seconds and vwa-la! This makes enough for one LARGE salad. Double this recipe to make more. (Use the cornstarch as needed to thicken your dressing the way you like) I used about 1 tbsp by the time I was done adding.

You can use this on ANY meat and I assure you it will be amazing! You can add any spice to it, but it will be goo either way. You can use it for vegetables, pour over mashed potatoes, use as a marinade or pasta dressing!

I made a dry mixture for the salad to add that crunch and texture.
Here is that recipe:
  • 1 tbsp Unsalted/roasted sunflower seeds. Or any kind works.
  • 2 tsp Nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1.5 tsp Everything bagel season
  • 2 tsp hemp hearts

Combine and toss over your salad before the dressing! I promise you won’t regret it.

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Spokane Mom

Here sharing all the things I learn through my Vegan and plant based diet. Before my journey beginning 2-8-20, I focused my blog on a completely different angle and now sharing food, insight on my journey it has become or will be becoming my new sharing content. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget you can ALWAYS direct email me with questions. I believe that by giving truth, raw content, massive encouragement, motivation through experience and laughter I can impact one soul at a time. Inspire one smile a day. Bring joy through words and expression. Someone that struggles with high anxiety and it's best friend depression I'm far to familiar with needing motivation. But just because one struggles it does not mean we are incapable. Together we are stronger and braver. Together we can encourage and enlighten each other. But here, I simply want to give hope and faith back into you. Because you are very Valued. Everything I have been through in my life I believe has gained me experience. Through lessons and still learning my hopes are to share it all with you. In hopes, it will encourage you positively and with love. We need more of both those things in the world, so why not spread it here? Once a loud voice, but became a quiet one and now I’m back to speaking up. Speaking out and sharing my truth. But making sure the message is always paired with love, honesty, and encouragement. I hope somewhere along your viewing here today it opened a door to coming back where you want to be.

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