Should I share more?

February 8th 2020 is when I made the cut. The cutting of meat out of my diet that is.

You see I have personally ALWAYS struggled with gut issues. Ever since my first visit to the Gastro specialist at 15 years old. 2 scopes later and came to the conclusion I had severe acid reflux or GERD.

I mean, eating refried beans would cripple me and put me to the ground in a ball if I ate it. Now, do my stomach issues have anything to do with the fact that my diet as a child consisted of probably what most of your diets consisted of. Such as meats, cheeses, processed snacks, deli meats and even things like the beloved ice cream.

Quiet possibly it could of been being 3 months old and the doctor telling my mom to feed me rice cereal at such a young age. All in order to help fill my stomach to sleep better. There are studies about eating rice cereal as a baby linking to gastro issues as you age. Don’t believe me, just do your own homework. For me, the real beauty to technology nowadays is the simplicity to learning and self educating.

Now I know my blog has revolved around lifestyle as a mom or writing fun tips and how to’s from my personal experiences, but that was then and this is now. Things change, interests shift and education can alter the way we think dramatically. Which is exactly why I am here writing about this now.

From here on out I still plan to share SOME of the same type of posts, but I plan to begin sharing with you what I learn and how I am changing my life as well as my families.

My husband is a big meat eater and as most people in the world I have fed my daughter the average American diet with a small smidgen of the diet I prefer. However after 3.5 strong months of sticking to becoming vegan, my husband is now seeing how serious I am. So much that he is now being open to trying to shift his own health and diet as well! You guys my heart is exploding with happiness just knowing that I have a team mate in this now. Knowing we will, TOGETHER be learning how to live better, healthier, happier and teach our daughter the same. I’m simply thrilled.

I was inspired today to share some of my meals over this last almost 4 months, because tonight is the FIRST night that I’ll be cooking a Vegan meal for all 3 of us and not just myself!

I will not be attaching the recipes, but soon I plan to share it all. For now just some photos and short explanations of what I’m sharing. Thank you for reading, thank you for being here and I look forward to sharing food conversation with you.

First Vegan Meal made. I had no idea what I was doing, but I made it happen and it turned out splendid!

Bean burger inspired and all
Homemade without book recipe!

I’ve cut white rice from my diet as of currently. My body does not digest it well and I prefer brown rice or quinoa.

Eggplant parm- homemade sauce with my favorite nutritional yeast sprinkled over vegan noodles.

Seaweed noodles. Let me just say they did not disappoint! SO GOOD! I found them at Fred Meyer!

Power salad!

While I was still eating white rice, this was one of the other meals I had made. It has the meatless crumble, which I prefer only eating soy 1-2 times a well max.

South Western taco Salad inspired and from scratch. I have a little secret on how I marinate those peas… 😉

It doesn’t look so pretty, but the taste is ON POINT!

I’m basically obsessed with Vegan ranch since I haven’t eaten dairy in FOREVER. Due to dairy allergies.

Also made my first homemade vegan artisan bread.

Thanks for scrolling ☺️

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Spokane Mom

Here sharing all the things I learn through my Vegan and plant based diet. Before my journey beginning 2-8-20, I focused my blog on a completely different angle and now sharing food, insight on my journey it has become or will be becoming my new sharing content. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget you can ALWAYS direct email me with questions. I believe that by giving truth, raw content, massive encouragement, motivation through experience and laughter I can impact one soul at a time. Inspire one smile a day. Bring joy through words and expression. Someone that struggles with high anxiety and it's best friend depression I'm far to familiar with needing motivation. But just because one struggles it does not mean we are incapable. Together we are stronger and braver. Together we can encourage and enlighten each other. But here, I simply want to give hope and faith back into you. Because you are very Valued. Everything I have been through in my life I believe has gained me experience. Through lessons and still learning my hopes are to share it all with you. In hopes, it will encourage you positively and with love. We need more of both those things in the world, so why not spread it here? Once a loud voice, but became a quiet one and now I’m back to speaking up. Speaking out and sharing my truth. But making sure the message is always paired with love, honesty, and encouragement. I hope somewhere along your viewing here today it opened a door to coming back where you want to be.

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