Dealing with Loss. As a Stay At Home Mom

Unfortunately, loss happens. It’s apart of life. However, that does not make it any easier. At all.

Being a Full-Time Stay at home Mom has its benefits. But, it also has its fair share of, well things that don’ benefit. Let me explain why I am saying this, or where I am even going.

When I was 11 years old I attended a Middle school here in Spokane. I was one of the girls that would rather hang with the guys. Mostly because I didn’t do well with drama. We all know, young girls basically have that word tattooed on their forehead. As if they enjoyed it. Well, I just didn’t fit in that box. So I made a few girlfriends who shared those similarities with me. If you ask me, they are a couple of the best friends I have ever had. Still to this day they are active in my life. What a blessing.

I ended up meeting a couple of guys at the age 11 as well. Who played sports. They were pretty large guys for their age. Which made me feel safe. Plus, they never made moves or flirted with me. Ha! So as the years went on, those girls and those two guys became my closest friends. My ride or die is what I would call them now. No matter the distance, no matter the time we don’t talk the love never faded for one another. It stays strong, So I’m assuming you’re grasping the point, we were VERY close. Growing up together as children, sharing those experiences thru all the years. So bonding. Plus too stay friends and stay in touch, that’s just special. Maybe not as much as I know we all would like, but we hope to change that.

See one of those guys that I ever so loved, and cherished. He went home to the Lord just under one week ago. This news has been nothing other than devastating. I am shattered. I am just going to throw this out there, I apologize for all the bouncing around. If that happens. I am just so scatterbrained, but yet want to share my heart and thoughts. This guy, the man that was recently taken back home and away from all of us here on earth. He was an angel. He was a protector. A brave soldier of the US Army. A loyal friend. Someone I KNEW if I ever needed anything, he would drop everything and be there. No questions. He was the guy that would literally take his entire outfit off and give it away to someone in need. No matter his sadness, he made you smile. No matter how dark the room was, he brightened it up with his goofy self. You will be so very missed my friend. My brother. Blood would not make us any closer in bond.

See, I am making this post not only to share what I am going thru currently. Share my up and downs. Experiences. But staying at home all day with my little one. It’s tough. I feel incredibly sad when I instantly wake up. I have this dark cloud hanging over me, and I am not quite sure how to outsmart this one. How to overcome it. I have never encountered is SO sad. He was one person in my life, I CHERISHED. He may not have believed it. But I did. I always will. Its so hard being on point as a mom when you are feeling so low. So sad. You don’t want to project that onto your child. You want them to stay feeling happy, and joyous. I don’t want to taint her with my hurt. I know once she is older it won’t be avoidable. But for now, Is it wrong of me to want to shelter her from that? I feel like the red eyes, puffy face, and the somber walk is showing. She is seeing me, and I don’t like it. I just want to wake up, feel strong. Feel less weight on my chest. Breath easy. I know that time heals and that things will progress in which I allow. I am just sad. Trying to push thru, and deliver happiness and smiles to my daughter. She doesn’t deserve to be around such sadness. I just am not quite sure how to find my balance with that. However I am no quitter, and I will not allow sadness to overrule my daily life. I know He would want me smiling and dancing around like the spaz that I am. So, that is my end goal. Find my smile, share it, tell stories of him, laugh, and try and remind myself every day that if not for me, if not for him, for my family. Because……

In time… It will get easier. A Stay at home mom just trying to heal.

Published by

Spokane Mom

Here sharing all the things I learn through my Vegan and plant based diet. Before my journey beginning 2-8-20, I focused my blog on a completely different angle and now sharing food, insight on my journey it has become or will be becoming my new sharing content. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget you can ALWAYS direct email me with questions. I believe that by giving truth, raw content, massive encouragement, motivation through experience and laughter I can impact one soul at a time. Inspire one smile a day. Bring joy through words and expression. Someone that struggles with high anxiety and it's best friend depression I'm far to familiar with needing motivation. But just because one struggles it does not mean we are incapable. Together we are stronger and braver. Together we can encourage and enlighten each other. But here, I simply want to give hope and faith back into you. Because you are very Valued. Everything I have been through in my life I believe has gained me experience. Through lessons and still learning my hopes are to share it all with you. In hopes, it will encourage you positively and with love. We need more of both those things in the world, so why not spread it here? Once a loud voice, but became a quiet one and now I’m back to speaking up. Speaking out and sharing my truth. But making sure the message is always paired with love, honesty, and encouragement. I hope somewhere along your viewing here today it opened a door to coming back where you want to be.

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